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Top 3 Crystals to Relax the Dogs in Your Dog Grooming Salon

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Do you have difficult or anxious dogs to groom?

You most certainly aren't alone ... as probably EVERY groomer does.

They can certainly make your job hard work ...

... its a battle for the anxious dogs and a battle for you too!

Crystals can help

The good news is that using crystals in your salon can help calm even the most anxious of dogs AND help to keep you calm too! That's got to be a bonus!

A crystal is a solid mineral substance with a regular internal atomic structure and an external form made up of flat faces arranged in a geometric shape – e.g. cubes or prisms.

Others may not have a perfect external appearance, but the internal structure is still perfectly formed.

Crystals form naturally in the earth in certain conditions. When molten minerals and super charged gases from the earth’s mantle work their way up towards the surface through cracks they start to cool.

The molecules that make up these substances cease moving about randomly and start to group together into stable patterns. By the time the material has cooled and hardened the molecules have formed themselves into completely even geometric shapes, called a lattice.

So now you know!

Crystals give off their own energy

Crystals are more than just an atomic structure, as they also possess some pretty remarkable properties.

It is well known that crystals have their own 'charge', and because of this they are widely used in many of the everyday things around us we take for granted. 

Scientists discovered that crystals emit a totally stable energy vibration … a charge. Crystal chips are used in computers, TV’s, watches, and many other powered items because of the crystals flawless qualities as transmitters, amplifiers, and transformers.

The energy from crystals can help the body restore its own energy balance and therefore the use of crystals can help you in your salon.

Apart from crystals being so naturally beautiful in colour they each have their own properties and therefore their own particular uses.

So many crystals to choose from

There are many many different crystals and so it can be difficult to know which ones to choose so ...

... this is my little guide to my top 3 crystals you can easily use to help bring about an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in your busy salon ... just what you need to help calm those difficult, anxious dogs.

#1 Aventurine

Healing Qualities: 

  • Boosts resistance to stressful situations
  • Heals emotional scars
  • Brings about confidence
  • Soothes fears

Can help with:

  • Fear
  • Nerves under stress
  • Past abuse
  • Oversensitivity
  • Rescue animals

#2 Amethyst

Healing Qualities:

  • Helps in training young, lively dogs
  • Soothes fears and stresses
  • A general calming stone
  • Helps with separation anxiety issues

Can help with:

  • Panic attacks
  • Fear
  • Pining
  • Training problems

#3 Rose Quartz

Healing Qualities:

  • Reduces fears
  • Soothes and reduces stress
  • Heals effects of past abuse
  • Helps break down bad traits

Can help with:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Muscular tension and rigidity
  • Fear
  • Nervousness

Are they expensive to buy?

All the crystals I've shown you in the photographs are what are known as 'tumble stones'. This means that the larger rough crystal pebbles they have been tumble polished to create a smooth rounded piece which are lovely to hold.

The great thing is that all of the above 3 tumble stone crystals are very cheap to buy .. literally just around £1 GBP or $1.45 USD each.

If you wish though, you will be able to buy more expensive crystal clusters, but even so they aren't overly expensive.

You can source any of these crystals readily on the internet and often they are sold in Garden Centres, and at craft fairs.

I'm lucky as in my small town in central England we have a small shop which sells a wide range of tumble stones and clusters, and this is where I buy my crystals. You may well have a similar shop close to you too.

Here's a link to some crystals on Amazon which might help you!


What do I do with them?

You just simply place them in strategic places around your salon. I'd suggest placing one near your bath tub and another by your groom table.

You may also feel drawn to place additional ones in other 'key' areas of your salon.

Just make sure your doggy clients can't eat them!!

And ... if you attuned to Reiki then 'charge' the crystals with some Reiki energy. You can do this by switching on your Reiki and cup the crystals in your hands. As simple as that! 


This is just ONE of my Special Tips for Groomers ...

... if you'd like much more helpful tips get your copy of my FREE guide, just for Dog Groomers like you.

"Taking the Stress Out of Grooming Anxious Dogs"

You'll also learn:

  • The single easiest way to cut down on dog agitation
  • Avoid this ‘recipe’ for a non-relaxed atmosphere
  • WARNING: when owners do this, it can really mess things up - you’ll discover how to avoid it
  • 2 ways to use ‘dog body language’ to help calm an anxious dog (the second one you might never guess!)
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  • One simple and massively effective calming technique for dogs anyone can do just with their hands

Get Your FREE Copy of "Taking the Stress Out of Grooming Anxious Dogs" here!

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