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Do you, like SO many other people have a strong feeling that you could do much more to help yourself, your loved ones and your pets in these truly difficult times? 


Reiki is a simple and gentle natural healing therapy which benefits people and animals by helping lower stress, reduce anxiety and improve health and wellness


Discover how anyone, including YOU, can easily and quickly learn Reiki

No studying, no essays, no exams ... help heal yourself, your loved ones and pets too


I share with you three paths you can explore:

Path One: Certified Home Learning Packages no matter where you live in the world: 

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Reiki for Stress

Are you or a loved one being affected by TOO much stress?
Do existing health conditions FLARE UP when you are stressed?
Reiki can help calm anxiety, relax you and keep excessive stress from causing harm
Reiki for Stress

Learn Reiki for Animals

Many animals can benefit from gentle Reiki healing
On my Animal Reiki packages you will learn how to use Reiki to help yourself, other people AND for the animals depending on your choice of course
Learn Reiki for Animals


All of Rob's Home Learning Qualifications are Accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists 

Path Two: Live One-Day Training and Qualification Events in England 

If you'd rather attend a 'Live Class' then check out these live Reiki training events


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All of Rob's Live Training Courses are Accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists 


Path Three: Use my Reiki Distance Healing services if you prefer not to learn yourself

  • Reiki delivered 365 days a year
  • Healing for one person or all of your family and pets
  • Great value plans available
Book Reiki Distance Healing

Hello, I’m Rob Fellows and I help people all over the world to overcome health obstacles in their lives, in the lives of their family or their pets.


Choose from above the path that's best for you, and I'll be here to welcome you.


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 My training packages are a great way to take YOUR Reiki journey from Level 1 right up to Reiki Master

 Featured Course 

Reiki for Veterinary Professionals

  • Do you work in a vets as a vet - vet nurse- vet tech - vet assistant or any other role?
  • Want to enhance still further the caring work you do?
  • Gain new skills to complement all that you do?
  • Does gaining a lifetime 'gift of healing' sound attractive?
  • An extra qualification and new potential income source
If you said 'yes' to any of these questions ... then this is for you.
Find out more ....

Katsumoto, Illinois, USA ... helps his dog


"I gave my Bull Mastiff Reiki on his hind legs. He actually sat and let me do it for some time, approximately 15 minutes.
Once I had finished he was like a puppy running around in circles like he was so happy!  
Reiki for Dogs

Reiki for horses .... Lisa, Northern Ireland


Lisa's first try at Reiki following her training
" ...The second wee pony she was trying to eat me too (she has never did this lol) she let me get down her spine and was looking out the stable door with one of her legs cocked and ears all forward. She then moved off so I left her.
A further update ... I performed reiki on my wee girls jumping pony, she was breathing very deeply and her bottom lip was sticking out and quivering. She had a wee snooze afterwards" 
Reiki for Horses

Lorie, Missouri, USA ... Reiki reduces her pain


"I placed my hands on my shoulders for a few minutes & felt a lot of warmth coming from my hands. When I stopped, my aching shoulders felt great! I couldn't believe it!. So far, things appear to be going extremely well. I can't wait to advance to level 2!"


Reiki for Stress

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