Reiki Level 2 - The Practitioner Level


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Become a recognised Reiki Practitioner

In as little as 24 hours, International Reiki Master Rob Fellows can give you all you need to progress to the 2nd Level on your Reiki journey and become  Reiki Practitioner...

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Introducing the Reiki Practitioner Level 2 or Second Degree Training Mentorship with your Exclusive & Personal Distance Reiki Attunement

Here’s the all-in-one solution for everyone already attuned to Reiki Level 1 to POWER UP their Reiki and learn some wonderful new techniques to help yourself and your loved ones .... here's Reiki Level 2 - The Practitioner Level!

Whether you are looking for a way to continue on your Reiki journey to help improve your overall health and wellbeing, or you want to do all you can to help your family, friends and other people in the same way too, this Reiki Level 2 training is ideal for you.

As you well know, Reiki is a simple, gentle energy healing therapy that can help reduce all kinds of pain, let go of tension or anxiety, reduce feelings of stress and help to keep existing health conditions from flaring up ...

... and revitalize instead with vibrant energy, calm and wellbeing.

You are about to discover the easy, safe, natural approach to take YOUR Reiki skills to a whole new level, to benefit yourself and everyone around you.

And you will quickly and easily be able to send Reiki across any distance, any time, forever, with your certificate to prove it...

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My Journey with Reiki

                Joe, my inspiration to learn Reiki

I’m Rob Fellows, International Reiki Master Teacher, and I help people all over the world to overcome health obstacles in their lives, and in the lives of their family or pets.

I show them how to benefit by receiving gentle healing from me or to easily learn how to do the healing themselves by enrolling on one of my Reiki Training and Qualification Mentorships.

The picture of me above is with Monty, but I must tell you about Joe (pictured below), because Joe was actually the reason I began to study Reiki in the first place, way back in 1999.

When Joe, my springer spaniel, was diagnosed with arthritis in his front paws I felt that I had to do something to help him.

He was such a faithful friend who loved to go for walks even though he was in so much pain and he often dragged his foot on the floor, making it bleed. It broke my heart to see him like that.

At the time I had a problem with my lower back and a friend suggested I tried some Reiki sessions.

I hadn’t heard of Reiki but a couple of weeks later I found myself lying face down fully clothed on a therapy bed with a Reiki practitioner gently resting her hands on the small of my back.

The pain eased and I felt SO relaxed that I didn’t want to get off the bed once the session was over.

However, when I eventually climbed down I soon noticed how I could move about more easily and the pain had subsided. After a couple more sessions I felt very much better.

 I was sure Reiki could help Joe too

This made me think .. as Reiki has helped me so much then I'm sure Reiki could help Joe too.

It didn’t take me long to book myself on a Level 1, or First Degree, Reiki training course. The course was very good but the focus was on treating people and not animals.

So I adapted my new learning, did more research and got on with helping my dog.

This now meant I was able ease Joe’s suffering whenever he needed me. Whilst nothing is able to cure arthritis, I was really pleased I was able to help Joe and give him regular Reiki to complement the medication prescribed by his vet.

Joe wasn’t with me every day and so about a month later I trained in Level 2 Reiki so that I could send distance Reiki to Joe literally everyday. [I will teach you how to send Reiki across any distance when you take this Level 2 training with me ].

That was back in 1999 when Joe was 13…. and we shared a further two years before he left me.

Joe was my catalyst, my reason to learn Reiki and I still miss him today.

By then Reiki had become a hugely important part of my life, and although I mainly gave Reiki to my family, my ‘new’ dog Monty and to friends, I found more and more people were asking me to help them or their pets with Reiki too.

To complete my Reiki journey I became a Reiki Master Teacher in January 2008.

As time passed I realised that I shouldn’t be keeping my skills to myself and that I should be sharing my learning with others to enable many more people to share the benefits of Reiki.

So, at the start of 2011 I first launched my Reiki training programs with a special interest in Reiki for all kinds of  Animals ... as well as my particular interest in helping people who suffer from Stress related difficulties, and for those suffering from ANY health condition that flares up whenever they are Stressed.


  You can join me now as you continue on your own wonderful journey with Reiki and move up to Reiki Level 2


You will also gain the title of Reiki Practitioner


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Why Reiki Level 2?      What are the Benefits?

You already know that Reiki is a simple, harmless and an ideal healing therapy for anyone whose health is being damaged by too much stress, anxiety or in pain ...


 ... or for anyone who simply wants to be proactive about their physical and emotional wellbeing  


Moving up to Reiki Level 2 is a natural choice for many people as it gives you the next powerful step in enhancing your Reiki skills as you travel on your own personal voyage of Reiki discovery.

You know you can use your Reiki skills to give meaningful, hands-on Reiki .... but this is just for starters.

I will give you a further attunement, the Level 2 attunement, and I will share with you some wonderful techniques you will be able to use to help yourself, your friends, family, clients and animals:

Physical level

Reiki complements prescribed medication to help reduce all kinds of pain and helps to speed up the bodies natural healing process, ideal following an accident or recovery from surgery

You will be able to 'Power up' your Reiki energies giving you a deeper and more formidable healing ability.

Use the power of 10 to work with people or animals, everytime to give Reiki.

Emotional level

Very many people are suffering from emotional problems right now. Trauma's such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, bullying at work, financial problems and a whole host of other worries that cause prolonged levels of heightened stress which adversely affects our lives.

I will share with you many techniques you can use to help heal ANY emotional issue. You will be able to incorporate these whilst you give a hands-on Reiki session or use them as stand alone

Distance level

How many more people or animals could you help to heal by literally SENDING Reiki across any distance to them?  It's not physically possible to do hands-on Reiki with anymore than one person or animal at a time is it?

However, if I were to trigger your ability to be able to direct wonderful Reiki healing energy to not one, but ANY number of people, or animals or events ALL AT THE SAME TIME ... would that be a skill worth having? I think so ... it's certainly been massively useful in my Reiki work.

Well, I'm truly delighted to tell that when you join me on this training I will GIVE you those skills and how you in detail EXACTLY how do do it.

Just think about it. You will be able to send healing everyday to all of your family, not matter where they live .... your parents, children, grand-children, brothers, sisters, your friends ... all of your pets.... anyone and everyone you choose.

You can only do this once you have received the Reiki Level 2 attunement and of course the training too.

But there's more too .... you might not realise it but you will also be able to send 'backwards' to provide healing for previous difficult 'events',such as divorce or bereavements (people and pets). And you will be able to do this for yourself and to help other people with their past problems too. Of course, you can't bring back someone who has passed over BUT you will be able to help that person's memory or perception of the problem ... bringing about a level of acceptance, reassurance and calm.

This is a wonderful wonderful skill to have.

How about if there's a future event looming that's causing you, or someone else some concern. Maybe a presentation to deliver, or a job interview, and exam or a difficult meeting.

Well the good news is you will be able to direct Reiki to the event too .... all thanks to the distance Reiki you'll learn on Reiki Level 2 

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No matter where in the world you live, you and your loved ones can benefit when you decide to take this Reiki Level 2 training ...

This training is available to anyone, anywhere in the world and means that YOU TOO can now benefit from moving up to Reiki Level 2 healing at minimal cost and is ideal for people who want to help with healing for themselves, for their family and friends and any pets too.

For many people my distance training packages are a much preferred learning choice for a number of important reasons:

  • A quick and simple course without hours of study and no exams
  • No need to take time away from work or family
  • No travel or hotel expenses to incur to get to a training venue
  • Total privacy. No one needs to know that you have enrolled on the course
  • You aren’t obliged to ‘open up’ to people as you normally have to do on other 'live' courses. Not everyone likes to do this
  • Work through the training practice at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle
  • You don’t have to keep up with a group of other people.
  • You can easily work with me even if we live in different countries and it doesn’t matter at all that we haven’t met. Distance is absolutely no barrier
  • You will be able to give hands-on Reiki with your certificate to prove it
  • My Home Study Training packages are extremely affordable and provide fantastic value
  • You can still work with me even if you completed your Level 1 training with someone else .... I will make you really welcome
AND you will be able to harness all of your new Reiki energies straight after receiving your Reiki Level 2  attunement ...
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What's inside the Reiki Level 2 Training?

On this training you receive the additional attunement for Reiki Level 2, or Reiki Second Degree, and learn all about how to use three powerful Reiki symbols to 'Power' up your Reiki my as much as 10x, how to send Reiki across ANY distance and masses of new skills and techniques for you to use with your Reiki


Take a look below!


This comprehensive training provides ....


Your detailed color Reiki Level 2 Manual

Just as soon as you enrol you will be able to access your own personal PDF manual .... Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Level 2).

There are many color photographs showing you where to place your hands on People and Yourself for a maximum healing effect.

The training is very easy to follow so you will quickly become confident at giving Reiki.

The training will prove invaluable to you as your personal guide whilst you are learning and will be a useful reference for you in the future.

What’s in your manual?

You will find lots of information on:

  • A self-Reiki refresher .... because you should be conducting regular healing on yourself!
  • The Reiki Principles ... a reminder
  • Grounding meditation
  • The Attunement process
  • The ‘Healing Crisis’
  • Three Level 2 Reiki Symbols ... an introduction and how to activate them
  • Contracting the Hui-Yin
  • Detailed sections on each of the 3 Symbols ... what they are for and how to use them
  • How to carry out Emotional or Mental Healing
  • How to Deliver a Distance Reiki Session ... sending Reiki across ANY Distance
  • Healing past events
  • Sending Healing to the Future
  • Emotional Balancing and the Reiki Symbols ... several powerful techniques
  • Creating a Vortex to treat Food and Water ..
  • Accessing your Akashic Record.
  • Healing Past lives
  • Reiki Healing Triangles
  • Crystals for the Chakras
  • Reiki for Business ... client records
  • Other important information you need to be aware of when treating either people or animals

      ... and much more advice, information and guidance to help you enhance your Reiki healing skills.

 Remote Attunement to Reiki Level 2

personally delivered by International Reiki Master Rob Fellows

 Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) Certificate :

  • Your Reiki Level 2 Qualification

Ongoing support from Rob via email

As well as you  manual you receive a complete set of video training ...

... all the content of the training broken down into helpful bite-size video voice over slides where I talk you through all the Reiki Level 2 healing techniques together with more insight and guidance as well as all the bonus modules not contained in your manual. See below for the full details of these bonuses.

The videos are available for you for 24/7 ... 365 days a year  ... and you can return to them as often as you want to ... they will be ideal to refresh your knowledge and understanding, whenever you might need to.

You will be able to watch these videos on your computer, tablet or smart phone making them really useful as your constant guide whilst you are practicing and honing your new Reiki skills. 

You will be able to watch the videos whenever you wish by downloading the free Kajabi App.   It will be like you have me at your side at all times

You get 4 hours of video content with this training

Part 1:

Before You Start  Reiki Level 2

  • Welcome
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Reiki Self Healing Refresher

Part 2:

Reiki Level 2 Symbols

  • Introduction to The Symbols
  • Choku Rei
  • Sei He Ki
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  • A Distance Reiki Session

Part 3:

More Healing Techniques

  • More Healing Techniques
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Reiki and Crystals

Part 4: 

Bonus Modules

  • Losing Weight with Reiki
  • Better Sleep with Reiki - Part 2
  • Attracting Money with Reiki - Part 2

Part 5: 

Further Reiki Guidance

  • Further Reiki Guidance
  • Progression
  • Congratulations

You'll get this certificate...

You will receive this specially designed certificate, signed by International Reiki Master Teacher , Rob Fellows.

This is your Reiki Level 2, Second Degree QUALIFICATION Certificate.

It confirms that you are now a REIKI PRACTITIONER.

It something you can be proud of achieving and you will want to display on the wall.

You will now be able to charge for delivering Reiki services, if you wish.


 This Training is Accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists

AND right now, you get these three FREE bonuses...

 But there's more!  Right now, you can claim these THREE bonuses ...

You’ll also get these ADDITIONAL special bonus video training modules:


BONUS #1:   Video Module - Losing Weight with Reiki 

In this video presentation I will share with you several ways you can use Reiki to help with weight loss.


BONUS #2:   Video Module - Better Sleep with Reiki - Part 2

In this second part of this bonus module I'll build on what you learnt in Part 1 (which came with your Level 1 Reiki training).

Now you will be able to use the Reiki symbols to enhance getting a good nights restful sleep. 



BONUS #3:   Video Module - Attracting Money with Reiki - Part 2


Now you can use the Reiki symbols for more ways to help attract money into your life .... and build on your learnings from Part 1 that came with your Reiki Level 1 training

Continue YOUR Reiki Journey

Is it now YOUR turn to move up to Reiki Level 2?

Do you want to remain at Level 1 when here is your opportunity power up your Reiki and boost you and your families health and wellbeing?

I don’t think so.

Thankfully you don’t have to, because my Training, Attunement & Certification Package in Reiki Level 2 could well be just what you need.

As you already know, whilst Reiki can be used alongside all prescribed medical treatments you should of course seek a professional medical diagnosis if you have any health concerns.

Reiki can then work alongside any prescribed treatments and even speed up recovery from surgery.

Imagine having the skills to power up your Reiki by as much as 10x AND literally be able to send positive Reiki energies to ALL of your friends and family, as well as any animals and events. How good would that feel for you .... and them?

And you will become a Reiki Practitioner too.

You can simply enhance your gift of healing without ever leaving the comfort or convenience of your home.

Right now, my Training, Attunement & Certification Package in Level 2 Reiki can be yours for as little as $339 or £249 - a pittance when you consider the enormous potential benefits for you and your family.

That’s just $0.93 or 88p a day over the next year - and what can you even buy for that, these days? Very little?!

Are the new skills you can gain to enhance the wellbeing of you and your family and gain the title of Reiki Practitioner worth $0.93 or 88p a day?

Janet, Wisconsin, USA

" Scott's a 30 yr old man who eats poorly and has much stress in his young life. After having severe gut issues decided to seek medical advice and was scheduled for a colonoscopy. He had to wait several weeks to get in and was a nervous wreck.

My niece, who is his friend, contacted me and asked if I would try to help him. I started sending Reiki energy but he didnt know when I was doing it but I had permission from him. He was facing a cancer diagnosis and was terrified. I started sending energy to him long distance, and my sessions lasted about 30min. After only 2 sessions he came to work and told my niece that all of a sudden "he felt a calmness set in and was no longer afraid". She told him I had started to send him energy and he begged me to not stop. I kept doing sessions every day til his test. No cancer thank God!"

Read how Pauline from Scotland has ‘powered up’ her Reiki by enrolling on this Reiki Level 2


30 June

" I did my grounding meditation yesterday morning then lay down on my Reiki/massage bed ready for my attunement. My hands felt like they were stuck to the bed. I felt a warm sensation over my body as if someone was giving me a hug. Felt energised yesterday but a bit flat today. Have given myself reiki this morning and it does feel more powerful. Have started reading your manual and am going to practice drawing symbols tonight. Thank you for attuning me to Reiki 2." 

" This is an update of what I’ve been doing. First of all I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions since my attunement. Of course it didn’t help that it was a year last weekend since we lost our beloved Labrador Holly. It’s also been a bit stressful at work, have a boxer to walk while owners on hols and he doesn’t like other male dogs same size or bigger than him. They didn’t say till last minute mmmm….. And looking after my friend’s horses who are plagued with flies at this time of year and are a bit tetchy.

16 July

"I have still been studying your course. Have mastered the power symbol and the emotional symbol but still practising to draw the distance symbol. I am lucky enough to practise my Reiki on two of my dog walking dogs. One a beagle who had an op last year for trapped nerves and damage to discs. His back still gets inflamed from time to time depending on how much exercise he has had.

The other a boisterous Labrador who has just had a fragment of bone removed from his elbow. He had been lame for some time and been back and fore to vet. He has also been diagnosed with arthritis in both elbows. I give him reiki for 15 to 20 mins twice a day after I take him out. I have been using both symbols on both dogs. I also use the power symbol on myself to cleanse my reiki room and just before I come out of the shower. I have also given my friend a reiki treatment and she enjoyed it very much." 

6 August

" I gave my friend Ann a Reiki session last night and we both experienced some interesting feelings. When I started at her crown and third eye and back of her head she said she had the sensation of water, like waves and saw the colours blue and green. As I begin Reiki I always imagine the Reiki flowing down through my crown, through my third eye, throat and into my heart, then back up to my shoulders, down my arms and out through my hands. I also imagine my heart opening up to the receiver and radiating love, so this wasn’t too much of a surprise to hear from Ann. As I continued down Ann’s body I could feel my shoulders tensing up and so after every chakra I tried to shake off this tenseness.

When I came to Ann’s sacral I felt intense heat and my face broke out in a sweat, it was running down my face, I then felt myself being drawn into her and draining all my energy. I thought I was going to pass out and so I stepped back a bit to steady myself .. and kept my hands out towards Ann’s body. I stepped forward and started again and had the same sensations. I continued on till the end but I was exhausted. Ann said she felt like I was putting all my weight on her and her tummy was red hot.

She said she felt amazing afterwards. Ann had 3 operations in one this year, she had 2 pro lapses one at front and one at back and a hysterectomy at same time. She has always had a pain on her right side and a feeling of pulling inside her. This makes her feel very tired and she takes frequent naps. Woke up this morning feeling exhausted but have given myself a full Reiki treatment and am feeling better now." 

You too could experience these 'shifts' when you join me and power up to Level 2

Fiona, Jersey .... 'My Level 2 experiences'


" ... sending reiki.  This is my favourite bit.  I just love this.  

I have my reiki box which I reiki every morning.  In fact, I get up 45 minutes earlier each day (which for me is unbelievable - Jim still can't get over it!) so I have time to ground myself, protect myself, reiki my day and send reiki to my box.  

Besides the box I have a reiki teddy bear and a reiki dog (a springer soft toy!`).  I use the dog to send reiki to Oz even though he's lying right beside me.  This is great because I use the toy to do all the hand positions and can see Oz yawning and relaxing right beside me.  I have noticed that when I do this he does move right up close to me and always puts his head on my legs.  He's had a few appointments at the vet recently which I sent reiki to as its not his favourite place.  Now that did work as he actually walked into the vet (I normally have to carry him) and he even accepted a treat from the vet which he's surprisingly never done before.  

 I send reiki to most of my appointments and events and especially to the dentist as I'm a whim.  He always laughs when I walk in and keeps asking if I'm ok.  The last appointment, I was still nervous but the dentist actually congratulated me on not digging my nails into my hands.  So that was good.

 I work for a manager who is a nightmare to put it lightly.  I have been sending lots of healing to our relationship and to her in general - she's in my reiki box.  Unless she's had a brain transplant reiki has worked hugely in this area.  She is like a different person to me (but not to the rest of the staff but I'm working on that), I'm almost warming to her and that's after 3 years of hell. Everyone has noticed.  More than this, a colleague I work with asked for reduced hours and was told to leave if she didn't like it.  

She's into her crystals to thought she might not laugh if I mentioned reiki to her.  We decided it was worth a go.  So she rewrote her letter dated four weeks ahead and stated exactly how many hours she wanted.  I then put the event of my manager receiving the letter in my reiki box and sent reiki to the letter and their relationship separately each day as much as time would allow.  The day came when she handed the letter in.  

I honestly don't thing either of us really thought it would work.  Nothing was said that day so we just thought that's it then.  She got called in the next day and the manager said she had been reviewing the rota and could see no problem in her reducing hours and which days would she prefer to work. Her new contract is now signed and in force.  Well what can I say.  Its just between me and my colleague but we still can't quite believe it.  

Happy days.

 Besides sending reiki everywhere I also cleanse the house once a week and soph pillow everyday. I reiki my food now.  It just didn't seem right giving reiki to a bag of crisps (chips) but now I'm eating super healthy it seems more appropriate.

 I could go on and on as their is so many examples but you'll be glad to know that I wont.  Apologies for ramblings but I love it all so much.  Haven't done Akashic Records and few other bits but will when I think I'm ready.  Still so much to explore but feel more relaxed now and plenty of time.

 Many many thanks for everything.


Go ahead. PROVE to yourself you can 'Power Up' YOUR Reiki energy - simply, easily and effectively - with my Training, Attunement & Certification Package in Reiki Level 2 

What emotions will you have if you have have the ability to send Reiki across any distance?    I bet you’ll feel empowered.

I want to be very clear: no-one can promise you that Reiki will cure any illness or health condition. But it’s a complementary therapy that you already know activates natural healing in people or animals and restoring physical and emotional well-being, and Level 2 will greatly enhance your skills to help yourself and others too. 

If you have the slightest bit of doubt or hesitation that Level 2 is for you, let me put it to rest, right now.

Try the simple training, get your attunement from me, and then experience the wonderful way you will have all the extra new techniques in your Reiki 'tool box."

Like my other students, you should experience the way Reiki helps your loved ones too as well as yourself, just as Fiona has shared.

I want you to be totally satisfied so, I’m offering you this 60-day money back guarantee.

Should you change your mind before your attunements just contact me for a full refund.

Even after your attunements you are still covered by my guarantee for 60 days from when you enrolled.

As you will appreciate you will need to practice in order to develop and strengthen your Reiki energy and skills.

So, all I ask is that you follow the guidance in the training and practice giving Reiki, using the Reiki symbols I'll teach you, on a regular basis during the guarantee period.

If, despite your regular practice, you still don’t feel that your healing know-how has improved, then contact me for a refund.

Taking your Reiki training to the Reiki Practitioner level of healing SHOULD be one of the easiest decisions you can make!

You’ve seen how Pauline feels the stronger energy now she has 'powered up' her Reiki.

You’ve seen the way Distance Reiki has helped Scott's anxiety

You’ve seen how Frances was motivated to learn Reiki Level 2 so she can send comforting Reiki to people who are suffering.

You’ve seen that by acting now, you’ll receive three FREE bonuses, when you invest in the Video Teaching or Total Assurance packages.

... And you’ve seen how this truly is a totally risk free opportunity - I’m literally giving you this opening to put this incredible package to the test entirely at my risk for a full 60 days.

Now it’s up to you. Only you can decide to step up to Level 2 or not..

Will you let me give you instant access to the training material, and organise your remote attunements for a convenient time that could be as little as 24 hours from now, on a ‘try it and then decide’ basis?

Well, what have you got to lose?

Select the Reiki Level 2 Training, Attunement & Certification Package of your choice below, and put it to the test. Will there ever be a better time to take back your families wellbeing?  

This Training Package is ideal for you to power up your Reiki and be able to charge for delivering Reiki services as a Practitioner

You can pay in either $USD or £GBP

Video Teaching & Certification

$339 or £249


  • Remote Level 2 attunement from Rob to take you to the next stage of your Reiki journey
  • Complete online video training course available 24/7
  • Bonus video modules and additional guidance not found in the PDF manual
  • Detailed PDF manual with color photographs showing you how to use 3 Reiki healing symbols and much more
  • Reiki Level 2 Certificate in your name confirming you can give hands-on AND Distance Reiki
  • Gain the title of Reiki Practitioner
  • Course accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists (IGCT)
  • Charge fees for your Reiki services
  • Ongoing support when needed via email
BUY NOW = $339 USD
BUY NOW = £249 GBP

Already Reiki Level 1 or above and want to work with animals?

Several people contact me who are already attuned to Reiki and know how beneficial it can be.

However, maybe like them, your training focused on working with people and not animals ... and you'd like to know how to work with animals.

I have your solution

Animal Reiki Video Teaching Package 

You'll get:

  • Animal Reiki Manual  .. This 46-page full color PDF manual contains separate sections on how to offer Reiki to dogs, cats, horses and small furries like rabbits.

There are many photographs showing you where to place your hands for the most effective benefit ... and information about Animal Chakras too.

  • Animal Body Language and Behaviour Guide- this additional 24-page PDF guide shows you what dogs, cats and horses are telling you with their body positions and behaviours ... you really need to know before you work with ANY animals!
  • 3 hours 23 minutes of invaluable video guidanceI talk you through Reiki for various animals and their tell-tale body language and behaviour ( I can't stress how important it is you know this!)
  • a FREE certificate confirming you've had guidance on giving Reiki to a variety of Animals

Please note: this is ONLY for people already attuned to at least Reiki Level 1 or above and does not include any Reiki attunements

I will need to see any of your Reiki Qualification certificates before I'll be able to issue you with my Animal certificate 

More details and to enrol
Continue YOUR Reiki Journey

 This Training is Accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists