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6 Mantras to Bring Positive Purpose and Good Intentions to Your Day


Sometimes we can all feel a bit down, maybe there's a good reason for it, but also maybe we can't quite understand why we just aren't feeling upbeat.

I know, this can happen to me too.

Our thoughts are very powerful and the way we speak to ourselves can, and will, determine how we feel and how we respond to events around us that day.

Therefore, these inner thoughts can literally make or break your day.

So here are six easy mantras or affirmations you can turn to in order to give you purpose and a positive intention for the day ahead.

Either repeat them out loud or in your head, today or whenever you are feeling downbeat.


 6 Easy Mantras to Bring Positive Purpose and Good Intentions to Your Day

1. Today I choose to be happy

2. I radiate health and vitality

3. My mind open to new possibilities

4. I have the strength to cope with whatever today brings

5. I feel on top of the world

6. I am motivated to do the best job I can


Take a few minutes to say each of these phrases slowly and with real purpose several times each. Notice how your body feels right now as you say them.

Do you feel lighter, clearer, more positive? I know I do when I say them.

Although we can't always predict what is going to happen in the day ahead we can choose to have these positive intentions with us as our ally.

I trust you will have a great day ahead - because you have chosen it to be just that. - a great day.

And when you combine this with giving yourself some Reiki healing too they become an EVEN more powerful way to enhance your mood.

[If you aren't sure what Reiki is you can find out about it here]

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