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Reiki Level 2

Power your Reiki by up to 10 times and learn how to send Reiki across any distance with

Reiki Level 2

Level 2 Reiki training is an attractive progression for anyone who has completed Reiki level 1

It is generally known as the Practitioner level and, in the UK, it is now expected that you should be trained to this level if you plan to offer Reiki to paying clients. * (See note at bottom of page)

However, there is a much more important reason for completing Level 2 Reiki even if you have no intention of providing Reiki commercially.

As a result of an additional Reiki attunement you will increase your own personal Reiki energy, gain a deeper understanding of Reiki and will heighten your Reiki abilities.

You will learn how to use the Reiki symbols to ‘power up’ your Reiki energies and you will also be able to send Reiki across a distance to people, animals or situations. Your Reiki will become up to ten times stronger than at Reiki Level 1 as soon as you take Reiki Level 2.  Wow!  ** (See note at bottom of page)

Reiki Level 2 Home Study courses

What’s included?

The course includes:

  • Comprehensive color manual
  • Level 2 Reiki attunement
  • Certificate confirming that you have been attuned to Reiki Level 2
  • Ongoing support as and when you need it

On the Home Study course you will be able to work through the manual at your own pace, practising using the symbols as you go.

Case studies

I want you to use your new skills to best advantage and so on this level of Reiki training I expect you to practice what you have learnt.

It’s not compulsory but I hope you will provide me with the following case studies:

5 examples of you giving hands-on Reiki using the symbols with receiver’s feedback
5 examples of you giving distance Reiki with receiver’s feedback
2 examples of you receiving distance Reiki with your feedback

Please note that the level 2 course content is generic and doesn’t revolve around specifically working with animals, even though you may have noticed that many of my Reiki courses have an animal theme.

However, do not let this deter you because you will readily be able to use all the new skills you learn on this course to enhance the Reiki treatments you already give to yourself, to people and to animals.

In order to enrol on a Reiki Level 2 course you need to have already achieved Reiki Level 1 as you cannot go straight to Reiki level 2.

If you completed your Reiki Level 1 with someone else … is that a problem?

The simple answer is NO. You are most welcome on my Reiki Level 2 Home Study even if you completed your Reiki Level 1 with someone else. This is absolutely fine with me and I look forward to welcoming you.

Reiki Level 2 Home Study Course costs just $177*** and is available worldwide.

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Read how Pauline from Scotland has ‘powered up’ her Reiki by enrolling on this Reiki Level 2 Home Study course

PaulineI did my grounding mediation yesterday morning then lay down on my reiki/massage bed ready for my attunement. My hands felt like they were stuck to the bed. I felt a warm sensation over my body as if someone was giving me a hug. Felt energised yesterday but a bit flat today. Have given myself reiki this morning and it does feel more powerful. Have started reading your manual and am going to practise drawing symbols tonight. Thank you for attuning me to Reiki 2. I will keep in touch with my progress. 30 June

This is an update of what I’ve been doing. First of all I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions since my attunement. Of course it didn’t help that it was a year last weekend since we lost our beloved Labrador Holly. It’s also been a bit stressful at work, have a boxer to walk while owners on hols and he doesn’t like other male dogs same size or bigger than him. They didn’t say till last minute mmmm….. And looking after my friend’s horses who are plagued with flies at this time of year and are a bit tetchy. I have still been studying your course. Have mastered the power symbol and the emotional symbol but still practising to draw the distance symbol. I am lucky enough to practise my reiki on two of my dog walking dogs. One a beagle who had an op last year for trapped nerves and damage to discs. His back still gets inflamed from time to time depending on how much exercise he has had. The other a boisterous Labrador who has just had a fragment of bone removed from his elbow. He had been lame for some time and been back and fore to vet. He has also been diagnosed with arthritis in both elbows. I give him reiki for 15 to 20 mins twice a day after I take him out. I have been using both symbols on both dogs. I also use the power symbol on myself to cleanse my reiki room and just before I come out of the shower. I have also given my friend a reiki treatment and she enjoyed it very much. 16 July

I gave my friend Ann a reiki session last night and we both experienced some interesting feelings. When I started at her crown and third eye and back of her head she said she had the sensation of water, like waves and saw the colours blue and green. As I begin reiki I always imagine the reiki flowing down through my crown, through my third eye, throat and into my heart, then back up to my shoulders, down my arms and out through my hands. I also imagine my heart opening up to the receiver and radiating love, so this wasn’t too much of a surprise to hear from Ann. As I continued down Ann’s body I could feel my shoulders tensing up and so after every chakra I tried to shake off this tenseness. When I came to Ann’s sacral I felt intense heat and my face broke out in a sweat, it was running down my face, I then felt myself being drawn into her and draining all my energy. I thought I was going to pass out and so I stepped back a bit to steady myself .. and kept my hands out towards Ann’s body. I stepped forward and started again and had the same sensations. I continued on till the end but I was exhausted. Ann said she felt like I was putting all my weight on her and her tummy was red hot. She said she felt amazing afterwards. Ann had 3 operations in one this year, she had 2 pro lapses one at front and one at back and a hysterectomy at same time. She has always had a pain on her right side and a feeling of pulling inside her. This makes her feel very tired and she takes frequent naps. Woke up this morning feeling exhausted but have given myself a full reiki treatment and am feeling better now. 6 August

Occasional  ‘Live’ one-day Reiki Level 2 courses are available in Shropshire, England

Contact me for more information

Theresa from London has this to say about the ‘Live’ Level 2 course:

Theresa Sunich level 2” Thank you for the day’s training I did enjoy the day. There was a lot to take in, so I will be re-reading the manual to revisit the topics discussed during the day. As you know my aim is to use Reiki to help my friends and family so now I have part 2, I hope to use this to help many of my family members. The day was very relaxed and I liked the fact you let us go off at a tangent at times, without feeling that what we had to say was irrelevant to what we were doing. I felt alert and really engaged. Thank you for the Reiki on my ankle and leg, the one that was bitten is doing better, but the left will probably take a bit longer. I will have a go to see what I can do to improve it! So all that is left to say is many thanks again. It was a privilege to have done the course under your guidance and it was a nice small group which added to the value.”

You could soon be holding your own Level 2 Reiki Practitioner certificate

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* Please note that if you want to work commercially you will most likely need to have ‘person to person’ attunements in order to comply with most insurers stipulations and it is usually expected that you will also have been attuned to both Reiki Level 1 and 2. Some Countries and a few States in the USA require you to hold a license in order to practice in Reiki. You are advised to check this out locally before proceeding.

** Anyone suffering from an illness is advised to see their doctor or qualified medical advisor for a diagnosis.  Whilst Reiki can be used alongside all prescribed medical treatments all sick and injured pets should be seen by a suitably qualified veterinarian

*** Plus taxes local to you

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