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"Had the best nights sleep for ages. You rock!" Tom G, USA

UK Reiki Foundation

Reiki for Health & Wellbeing for YOU, YOUR Family & YOUR Pets

Reiki is a simple and gentle natural healing therapy involving no manipulation.

  • Can help lower stress and reduce anxiety
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Benefits people and pets

Discover how anyone including YOU can easily and quickly learn Reiki

  • No studying, no essays, no exams
  • Help heal yourself, your loved ones and pets too
  • Range of simple, affordable Home Study courses

Use my Reiki services instead if you prefer not to learn yourself

  • Reiki delivered 365 days a year
  • Healing for one person or all of your family and pets
  • Great value plans available
UK Reiki FoundationRob Fellows Reiki Master

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a wonderful natural holistic therapy which can help you to relax and manage stress. I can send Reiki healing to YOU, YOUR family and YOUR pets

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Reiki Home Study

Reiki is very simple to learn and easy to do. EVERYONE is able to give Reiki including YOU. Find out about my range of Quick and Simple courses

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Reiki for Animals

All kinds of animals can benefit from the calming effects of Reiki. So, if want to help enrich the lives of your pets or other animals then Reiki could be your answer

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What do my clients think?

“I have always been unlucky in love, attracting men who need financial and psychological support but are incapable of a genuine loving relationship. Over and over again I'm left hurt and alone. Soon after I began receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Rob I felt stronger and able to cope with the disappointment and the loneliness. Now I'm more positive about life and love. Rob gave me inspiration and, through Reiki, has helped me live in harmony with myself and able to face each day with a wonderful sense of happiness.” Christi, New Jersey, USA

“Many thanks for an excellent course on Tuesday and for forwarding the photo and details of your other courses. I am interested in your other offerings" Susie, Sussex, England

“Thank you so much Rob for the wonderful way you have helped my shoulder. I have never been able to move it so much since I tripped and fell down the stairs. Your sessions of Reiki make me fell so relaxed and just talking to you is a huge help. Thank you” Jean, England

Whilst I had read about Reiki and had exposure to people and dogs who had received Reiki with positive results I must admit I was a little sceptical before Monday. However, whilst you did say not everyone experiences anything during Attunement, I cannot explain the feeling and vision I had during the second, third and fourth. That feeling will stay with me for a lifetime. Many thanks again for both your expertise and your hospitality. Colin Roe, Worcestershire, England

“Georgie, our gorgeous Guinea-pig was sadly dropped and she dragged her hind legs. She was taken to the vets who gave her an anti-inflammatory injection & was told to take her back for x-rays after 7-10 days if there was no improvement. I spent hours keeping her clean to prevent infection but things didn't improve and as time passed there seemed very little hope. I contacted Mr Fellows for Reiki healing and he performed hands on treatment together with distance healing. This was a total success and after 5 weeks Georgie was happy to bounce around the run quite happily, fully recovered. This is none short of a miracle! ” Cheryl Holmes, Shropshire, England