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Reiki for Stress

Reiki for Stress

We live in very stressful times and it seems to be getting worse, thanks to the pressures of the global economy.

As a result more and more of us are feeling stressed. … not just occasionally but on a continual daily basis

Stress is really a very unpleasant condition to suffer from, as any of the millions of people with stress will confirm.

It is often regarded as a hidden illness because you can’t see it, like you can a broken arm in plaster, but actually the ramifications of having stress are all too apparent.

Stress could be at the root of 99% of illnesses and health conditions 

Stress, in small doses, can be a good thing. It can give you focus to handle an awkward situation, like giving a presentation. It can literally save your life as your body goes into to stress mode to enable you to slam on the car brakes and avoid a car crash.

However, longer term, daily, persistent STRESS has the opposite and adverse affects on your body … your mind … your mood and your well being.

The sad thing is that stress, and stressful situations are all around us.

It can be so very hard to avoid these stressful situations……. and as a result millions of people suffer from harmful stress every single day of their lives.

Uncontrolled stress can make you very ill.

Nothing seems to go right and the pressure piles on.

You may have very disturbed sleep patterns, feeling tired all the time. Aches
and pains may develop, diarrhoea or constipation, rapid heart beat and chest
pains, an ongoing cold, dizziness, nausea and lack of libido. You may have an
unhealthy reliance on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes and overeating junk ‘comfort’

Prolonged stress could result in losing your job, relationship breakdowns and/or
these additional health problems:

* Depression
* Obesity
* Autoimmune diseases
* Skin conditions, such as eczema
* Pain of any kind
* Heart disease
* Digestive problems
* Sleep problems ….. and many many more potentially serious conditions

Does this seem familiar? Can you recognise these symptoms in yourself or your
loved ones around you?

Luckily … help is on hand … literally ‘on hand’!

My Reiki for Stress services

Reiki is a very relaxing and simple therapy and can have a positive effect on reducing the feelings of Stress.

There are four ways I could help you try to lower the stress in your life or for those around you who are suffering.

Select the option that suits you best

1. Reiki for Stress Home Study Courses

You can quickly and easily become able to give Reiki to yourself, to your loved ones and your pets suffering with Stress.

I provide my simple Reiki for Stress Home Study course that anyone in the world can do. You might be pleased to know that there aren’t hours of study or any exams.

From a distance I will personally attune you to Reiki level 1 and provide you with a detailed manual showing you the hand positions for optimum stress relief, as well as masses of other ways to help reduce stress, including what foods to eat, lifestyle improvements, how to cope with stress at work and much much more.

You will even get your own certificate confirming your new Reiki qualification. You will be able to start giving Reiki straightaway after the attunement.

To find out more and to enrol take a look at Reiki for Stress Home Study course

2. Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki has no boundaries

Reiki has no boundaries

Reiki knows of no boundaries and I am able to send Reiki at a distance to anyone, or any animal anywhere in the world. I’ve had clients, both human and animal for stress issues in many countries around the world.

These sessions are convenient and very affordable.

To find out more take a look at Distance Reiki

3. Reiki for Stress ‘Live’ Courses

I run occasional one-day ‘live’ Reiki for Stress courses. These wonderfully relaxing days focuses on how Reiki can help you to reduce stress.

I will personally attune you to Level 1 Reiki and you will then practise your new skills on yourself by giving ‘Self healing’ and then on a fellow student.

You will take away with you the ‘gift of healing’ that will last a lifetime, a copy of my comprehensive manual full of ways to reduce stress and your certificate confirming you are attuned to Reiki.

I only work with a small number of students on each course so you get plenty of personal attention and guidance.         To find out more go to ‘Live’ Reiki courses

4. Reiki Hands on treatments

I am based in Shropshire in England and travel within a 20 mile radius from my home town of Bridgnorth to provide a mobile Reiki service.

I treat both people and animals with hands on Reiki..

Animals suffer from stress too and I’ve seen dogs, cats and horses to help them with lower stress, anxiety, and firework and noise phobia

Sessions cost £50 each and last around 45 minutes. The price includes my travel time and costs.

If you live in Bridgnorth each session costs just £35 as my costs are reduced.

Do contact me if you would like to find out more