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Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

Learning Reiki is very different to most traditional ways of learning.

There is no need to spend years or even months studying, writing essays and then sitting exams.

Quite the opposite actually. Now that’s a relief!

Key to learning Reiki is being ‘attuned’ to Reiki by a Reiki Master. This short and enjoyable process will ‘trigger’ your natural in built ability to channel Reiki energies which you will then be able to direct to yourself, to other people and to animals too. Everyone has this natural ability.

These attunements can either be conducted on a ‘face to face’ basis with the Reiki Master being in the room with you or they can be carried out remotely from a distance to anywhere in the world.

I provide

a choice of several quick and simple Home Study courses

‘Live’ one-day Reiki courses

Making Reiki easily accessible and affordable for everyone.

On all courses my students will be attuned to Reiki as the basis of their training.

I know that some Reiki trainers try to prolong their courses for reasons best known to them. I firmly do not support this approach.

Becoming a skilled and intuitive Reiki healer is about practise, practise, practise …. which is best achieved in your time, to suit your lifestyle. There is no benefit in you still paying to be on a training course to achieve this.

Good Reiki manuals will show you where to place your hands in order to achieve maximum healing benefits, preferably using clear photographs.

All of my manuals are tailored to the particular course you have chosen to undertake and every manual includes many colour photographs showing the hand positions you can easily copy.

The amazing fact is that you will be able to start giving Reiki immediately after the attunement process is complete. This is exactly the same whether you have attended one of my ‘live’ courses or enrolled on a Home Study course.

From then on you will be able to give Reiki forever and the more you use your Reiki the stronger your energy will be.

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