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Monty my boy dog  

Sunday 5 September 1999 – Wednesday 8 May 2013

R I P Monty
monty on the beach

Three years on and still sadly missed. (8 May 2016)
I’m devastated to tell you that my Springer Monty has lost his battle with cancer.
Those of you who have followed my Facebook posts www.facebook.com/RobFellowsReiki will remember that on two occasions he’s had a growth removed from his neck. All seemed ok and he healed well….
Despite having such a big lump he seemed happy and was constantly wagging his tail. During the last week though it was clear that making that awful awful decision was getting closer.
Thankfully I was able to take Monty on Monday with my son to the beach one last time. The sun shone and we had a fabulous day. Monty trotted about in the sand and enjoyed a paddle in the sea. His tail was wagging all day.
During the evening of 7 May he deteriorated and I lay with him in the evening sunshine. He slept well that night and had a better night than he had over the previous week.
Thankfully the vets ‘horrible deed’ works very quickly these days and I was able to give Monty some more Reiki to help with his passing.
I know his soul has already gone but I’m having him back so that I can scatter his ashes in a special place. That’s the least I can do for such a special friend.
In lots of ways he’s going nowhere. He will hold a special place in my heart forever and he will live on as he features in my Reiki manuals and leaflets.
Also thanks to such lovely people as Julie Hill from Dog Cast Radio and Sally Marchant from Naturally Happy Dogs you can hear and see Monty in my pre-recorded interviews that are out now.
Meanwhile my message to Monty:Thanks Mont for being such a wonderful friend and loyal companion. I have been blessed to have shared almost 14 years of my life with you. You are such a handsome boy dog and I will miss you forever. RIP Mont.
We love our dogs but they do cause us such heartache don’t they?
I hope you like these couple of pics of Monty taken at the beach only two days before I lost him
monty in the sea

Here’s a short video of Monty taken a few months before he went. I just had to capture him on film giving me one of his smiles !