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Hands on Reiki

Hands on Reiki

Anyone who has been attuned to Level 1 Reiki is able to give hands on Reiki sessions.

Reiki is a very simple therapy which is very relaxing for the person or animal receiving.

There is no manipulation or pulling prodding pushing and no needles are involved.

To receive Reiki you can be stood up, sat in a chair or lying down on a therapy bed, the settee or even on the floor.

There is no need to remove clothing as the Reiki penetrates though clothes, even thick coats and jumpers. However, depending on the situation it can be more pleasant to remove heavy clothing and remove your shoes for best comfort.

The chances are you will feel warm, or even very hot, during a Reiki session so if you are having a more formal ‘head to toe’ session where you are lying on a therapy bed you might prefer not to be wearing a coat. There is no need to remove any other of your normal clothing.

The Reiki giver gently places their hands on various parts of your body, and holds their hands in each position for possibly 2 or 3 minutes. This could be longer or shorter depending on available time and whether you’re having a full ‘head to toe’ Reiki session or if instead you are receiving Reiki on a specific part of your body only.

You can’t overdose on Reiki or become addicted, and Reiki can do no harm. Reiki can only do you good.

However, as Reiki is a complementary therapy you should not expect the person giving you Reiki to provide any form of diagnosis unless they are a suitably qualified doctor or veterinarian. They will also advise you whether it is ok to reduce or cut out any prescribed medication you are receiving.

During a Reiki session expect to become very relaxed and enjoy a lovely warmth in and around your body. You may feel an incredible heat when the hands are placed on some parts of your body, just like when you place a hot water bottle on yourself. It’s so relaxing that you may even fall asleep as your mind gently drifts.

A full ‘head to toe’ session can easily last an hour depending on how many different hand positions are used and time available, but an effective ‘quick session’ can be done in only 15 minutes.

A Reiki session doesn’t have to be formal, as Reiki can be used in an ad-hoc way whenever it is needed …. For example to help with a headache, or a minor bump, a wasp sting or if someone is panicking about an interview or a presentation they are about to do.
So, Reiki is very flexible and very enjoyable.

My Hands on Reiki treatment services

I am based in Shropshire in England and travel within a 15 mile radius from my home town of Bridgnorth to provide a mobile Reiki service.*


I treat people for a wide range of physical and psychological issues, although common conditions I work with are

back and neck pain and
arthritis pain
stress related conditions
help speeding up healing after surgery


Animals can suffer from similar physical and psychological as people and working with animals is a particular interest of mine.**

I treat:

small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs

Sessions cost £75 each and last around 45 minutes. The price includes my travel time and costs.

If you live in Bridgnorth each session costs just £50 as my costs are reduced.

For a free telephone or email consultation do contact me, but please be aware that I do not offer any form of diagnosis.

* Please note that you may require several sessions to feel any benefit especially from long standing conditions and also be aware that I do not offer any guarantees or promises that Reiki provides a cure for illnesses or health conditions.

** All sick and injured pets should be seen by a vet.