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"Had the best nights sleep for ages. You rock!" Tom G, USA

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It delights me to receive such positive feedback from my clients and students …. it is my pleasure to share some of these testimonials with you

Nicola, Calgary, Canada

Thank you. I am already feeling more energy pulsing through my hands. Perhaps the fact that I am still cleaning my house at 1:00 am my time is an indication that I am feeling a little more energetic 😉 I will definitely try and be more mindful of how I am feeling over the next few days. Thank you for your help.

I just wanted to thank you again. I have noticed a continued increase in my energy and productivity since my distance Reiki treatment. I have also had a reduction in my neck pain (I have a chronic condition that I am treating through chiropractic care) which is really interesting as I did not mention it to you when I requested treatment. Clearly Reiki energy does go where it is needed.”


J.H, Surrey, England

” Thank you so much for the reiki you have been channelling all week for my dog PJ and myself. It was gratefully received and made a huge difference.

PJ’s symptoms improved immediately and she has been able to jump up on the bed by herself, playing ball much more, which she absolutely loves, without any limping whatsoever. This has been the first week we’ve been walking where I haven’t had to give her a dose of Metacam afterward. The change has been extraordinary.

For me, I have noticed a shift in energy. I was afforded enough energy to finish the house I have been renovating for sale and put it on the market this weekend.

The past two or three days, I noticed a great deal of sadness pass through me, like a purge, over things I thought I had already processed. Grief mainly, some disappointment, and a healthy dose of cynicism. Am still oscillating mood wise, but here is no denying that I feel lighter on occasion and have been taking better care of myself, ie meditating etc. Once again, thank you. You truly have a gift which we all benefit from, so thank the world that you are in it. 🙂 ”

The ‘D’ Family, Channel Islands

What an amazing gift from the universe this reiki is! Mega thanks for the healing. My dog is so laid back it’s incredible. A friend came round last night and she said it was the first time Max had actually let her pat him. I hadn’t noticed she couldn’t before but she said he usually spent the whole time pacing. My husband is really getting the benefit which has changed the whole atmosphere within the home.

When I really stopped to think about it the whole process of distance healing is quite mind-blowing. Such a gentle way to help family live their lives with a little bit of help.

Jess is doing really well thanks to you. She is so much calmer and more relaxed about things and starting to enjoy life a lot more. It is wonderful to see.

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Will O, Devon, England

” The last time you worked on my artworks and sales I sold five paintings in a week! Want to get more positive and dissolve negative energies around me.”

” Thank you so much for the Reiki – I definitely felt it this morning. It can only be described as a peaceful while of bliss and not caring – in essence, ‘all shall be well’.”

” Thank you for your help. It is no coincidence that as soon as you started your work my mother perked up somewhat, plus that day I sold a painting to Dubai and that week gained a commission that had been stalled for two years!”

” My eating has improved greatly and am losing the taste for alcohol or cigarettes – they just seem to ‘get in the way’ of life and productivity now.”

Danny G, Australia

” I could feel the energy and assumed you were on the case. Years ago if someone told me that this could be done I would not have believed them. It makes me feel  humble to be part of this incredible universe. I continue to grow my  awareness on life’s journey”

Nazek A, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

”  Thank you for giving me hope at my work and standing by my side. ”

” I have subscribed for another family session with my same intentions for me, my parents and my kittens.  I know it is too early and you probably will remind me before time ends but I don’t want to miss a single day of healing …”    Find out how Whole Family Reiki could help your family too

Arwen C, Netherlands

” The biggest problem is that eating irritates the stomach lining, and I always hope it regenerates in time for the next meal. Most of the time it does, and I think this is due to the healing sessions.”  Arwen is a regular subscriber of Distance Reiki

Karen M, Dublin, Ireland

” Thank you so much for this gift. It is really much appreciated. I will definitely book more sessions with you at the end of the month.   I have personally felt a difference, I am sleeping better and have been more motivated at work and at home, and I also seem to get less annoyed about things. I don’t know if this is a side effect but I have been so thirsty and have had to drink more water and when I am tired I can fall asleep more readily.

I have not heard from Eamon but some of his texts last week were a little lighter so I do this this is having a positive effect on him too. I also hope this will start having a positive effect on our relationship and help Eamon get over his fears of commitment and alleviate the stress and negativity around him. I should start to see a change in the coming weeks and I will keep you updated. Thank you so much, I can’t express how grateful I am. ”
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Jenni D, England

” My energy has been in a good place since we last spoke and things are moving in a good direction on work and personal fronts. There’s a lot going on at the moment which is keeping me very busy (I started my own business recently and I’m also getting married in five weeks’ time!) but luckily my energy levels and mood have been pretty steady.    Thank you again for your help. I’ve definitely felt a sense of ‘lifting’ since my distance reiki treatments.”  Some Distance Reiki could help lift you too?

Jon M, Sydney, Australia

” I felt the reiki earlier today and I thought ” ahhhhhh reiki yessss !! ”

” Thank you I noticed a shift for the better ”    Jon is a regular Distance Reiki customer

Robert L, Vallejo, USA

” Thanks for sending the Reiki, I really appreciate it. I’ll be ordering more sessions soon. ”

Stephanie S, McMurray, Canada

” Thank u so much for being there for Roxy, ( an English Bulldog)  it means a lot ”
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Katarzyna L, Rogow, Poland

” I feel better, but I think I may need some few sessions more. Do you think 2 will be good. And also when do you have a time, so I can book some:)!  I would love to heal emotionally and open up for more love in in my life. I start to meditate as well and be more psychic aware, but I think I may need some more help. ”
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Molly K, Canada

” I’m doing well, things really shifted after the treatments, I could feel the energy trickling in when I needed it, things were flowing really smoothly. I had an experience the other day where I felt part of my ego come into balance it was very humbling ”   Some Distance Reiki could help with your energy flow just like it has for Molly                                

Caroline R, Canada

” ….. I am sure the energy healing has contributed to me staying balanced during a stressful week so thank you.” Lower YOUR stress levels

Angela B, Channel Islands

” Thank you so much for helping me. I have felt much better over the weekend. I slept through most of the night Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is unusual, and my feelings of panic and anxiety are much less. I have even been running twice over the weekend so am feeling more positive although still have a way to go in terms with dealing with the past and overcoming these problems in order to allow me to rediscover some happiness, peace of mind and a future ”

Joy S, San Diego, California USA

” Just touching base with you… I feel that the reiki has been positive. I feel good energy. And, although he is still not returning my calls, I’ve been having a lot of nostalgia. Very good memories ”

Mary H, Ohio, USA

” I’ve felt well this week so I thank you for the extra sessions!! Very wonderful of you 🙂 I will keep your contact information for future use, for sure! ”

Kavitha R, Champaign, USA

” Thanks for your healing. My mother continues to do well. ”

Diane W, Massachusetts USA

” Thank you so much for everything, Rob! I do think it is helping me psychologically — learning to cope with all this. That is a big thing for me, since the last few months have been terribly depressing. The eyes seem slightly better once in a while on some days, so who knows. I know this is going to be a long-term thing, so I am going to sign up for another seven days.  I have to tell you that one reason I chose you is your work with animals. I have been working (full-time) for an animal rescue organization for over 12 years.”

“I am certainly cheerier, and that makes a big difference. My husband has noticed it too. As for the animals in Boston, it’s hard to say since I don’t work with them directly, but I do know that several senior cats who had been in the shelter a very long time were adopted last week, and I consider that a very great success.! I am so grateful to you for all the Reiki and all your good words, and I am sure I will be signing up again for another subscription before too long. ”
Diane is a regular customer of Distance Reiki

Mark’s story …. help with his health and finances

Mark with his dog Sam

Mark with his dog Sam

I have known Rob for over 12 years, and like most people in life you invest in a friendship as much or as little as you wish. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And Rob is going to be my friend for a lifetime. Why? Well I guess because he’s such a good and worthy person, whose first question is always “How are you?” And his nature is to be concerned about your wellbeing and happiness, without this in life as his goal he feels his day is unfulfilled. Rob is one of those people who discovered the key many years ago, and that key is Reiki, the unseen power, a bit like electricity we cannot see it, taste it or play with it, but it can transform your life. He knows how to harness its power, to share and channel it to you regardless of where you live, what country you are in, and it does not conflict with your faith, or religion or beliefs.

How do I know? Well here is my story.

My name is Mark, and like most people I reached a crunch point in my life. No one wants to lose their job, hit financial worries, suffer with illnesses, or have relationship and family woes. But all of this has happened to me quite recently. I have spent a life time being driven and focused, and it occurred to me I was a dreamer only, I plodded, I wished, I hoped, I worked hard, and yes I still do work hard, however I have a new tool in my tool box Rob Fellows Reiki Master.

Reluctantly I have accepted free Reiki session from Rob. I am one of life’s givers and I hate taking, more so from a friend! However Rob without intruding in my life knew I needed help and that he could offer it, he chipped away slowly and one day I eventually took up his offer. My life was heading in a new direction, but I was low, a bit frightened to be honest, it seemed scary out there, alone again, financial worries, a new house move on the horizon, work worries. It seemed I was a dartboard, and life was throwing the darts at me!

One day I called Rob, he offered to help me move house, but I declined, I sort of knew I would manage, but hey I was stressed, so much to sort, we have all been there, bills to pay, decorate throughout, settle in again, they say moving house is as stressful as divorce well I was positive, but stressed, Rob had mentioned that if I was reluctant to have his physical help, then he would send some Reiki for me. I accepted the offer and promptly forgot about it.                                NOW here’s the thing!

The day I moved, I was organised, focused and it just all seemed to click, things I would rant and rave about didn’t even raise my blood pressure, mishaps were taken as a challenge to overcome, the old house was serene, and the new one was suddenly inviting, neighbors helpful and welcoming, my precious dog Sam calm and contented, and all my furniture and personal items just seemed to drop into place, I was sure Mary Poppins was waving her magic somewhere.

On the day Rob contacted me to wish me well, a day later to check I was OK, and of course I replied I was doing just fine and the move had gone so well that I hadn’t needed his help (or did I? )A few days later after the house move it clicked, Rob said he was sending some Reiki; I promptly phoned him and asked inquisitively did he really send me that Reiki stuff? He laughed and said Mark I have been sending you Reiki on a regular basis knowing what you would be going through. I was struck cold, I had to admit freely that I could not believe how well things had gone, no stress, no illnesses before or after, it was like I was in a dream state or on a happy pill. Now I had to ask myself, if I had plainly forgotten it, how did or could I prompt such a state of tranquility and ease? Even with being an organised person house moving on your own is like being in a state of permanent traffic jams, and we all know how they affect us! So thank you Rob.

Now the really interesting bit!      Ok so could it be a fluke? NO would be the answer.

Rob recently visited me for a weekend and, I was as usual flat out working shifts doing my new physically demanding job. My lower back was playing up, and to be honest I was getting concerned as to whether I could keep my job if it didn’t heal soon or quickly. Rob asked me if I had a wish list for some Reiki healing. I did say in passing that my lower back was causing me concerns and worries, also I wished to improve my income and oh before I forget maybe a new job or two. Now maybe I was being greedy here but as usual I forgot about this and carried on with my day to day life.

One day I was working 120 miles away and near to Rob, my colleague and I called in for a coffee before traveling back to base. I couldn’t help but raise the subject again, “Rob” I said, “did you do that Reiki for my back?” He smiled and said “from the day you asked Mark, why?” I told him I was pain free within a couple of days, came off the tablets, and although I regularly get back pain again through work it goes as quick as it comes! Rob explained he sent me distant healing every day and was ‘smug’ as he already knew I was ok! I had remembered on and off that I did ask Rob to help, but to hear he was giving me Reiki to this day without hesitation, reassured me I was indeed fortunate, and the energy of healing has to be on-going I suppose like taking a prescription and seeing it through, it requires discipline and skill, and all I had to do was receive and thank the universe for an energy that channelled correctly from the right hands is a wonder of the universe.

Oh and before I forget, I have indeed been fortunate on the job market too, but slow down Rob, I now have three new job offers to consider!

Mark T, Lincoln, England

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Christi, New Jersey, USA.

“I have always been unlucky in love, attracting men who need financial and psychological support but are incapable of a genuine loving relationship. Over and over again I’m left hurt and alone. Soon after I began receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Rob I felt stronger and able to cope with the disappointment and the loneliness. Now I’m more positive about life and love. Rob gave me inspiration and, through Reiki, has helped me live in harmony with myself and able to face each day with a wonderful sense of happiness.”

Silva, Austria.

“I was really unhappy in my flat in Saltzburg. It felt very uncomfortable in a way I still find hard to explain. I was scared and confused but after receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Rob, I began to feel more at ease there and able to relax more than I had before. By the time I had completed my series of Reiki distance healing sessions, the flat had become my home. Now I’m happier and no longer afraid.”

Christi, New Jersey, USA

“I was nervous about my immigration hearing and asked Rob to send Reiki to the legal papers. Although I didn’t win my case, I felt Reiki surround and comfort me during the hearing. The atmosphere in the courtroom was quiet and positive and helped me cope with the anxiety I felt. Thank you Rob for your kindness. I want to continue to receive Reiki Distance Healing sessions to help me through other events in my life.”

Mal, Staffordshire, England.

“I want to say a huge thank you for sending Reiki Distance Healing to my friend’s cat, Scrivvy, who had been so ill. Your Reiki sessions eased Scrivvy’s pain in her final days and ensured she had a peaceful passing. What more can I say, except that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that her passing was so peaceful, and most of that was your doing. Barbara also wishes to express her gratitude to you. Thank you Rob.”

Christi, New Jersey USA

“My nephew was due in court for a number of driving offences and his solicitor had warned him to expect to go to jail. I asked Rob to send Reiki to the court before and during the date and time of the trial. Much to everyone’s relief the Reiki worked and rather than send him to jail the judge fined him instead. Thank you, thank you from all the family. God bless you Rob for your healing energy”

Lynne H, Shropshire, England.

“Rob, on the day I met you my hands were crippled with pain and I was finding it difficult to use my computer, which is a vital in my job. Within seconds of beginning the Reiki session I could feel an intense heat passing from your hand as it rested on mine. Then I began to feel the pain in my hand ease away and, for the first time in days, I could stretch out my fingers. It was my first experience with Reiki healing and I was both amazed and relieved. I want to thank you for your help.”

Freda F, Staffordshire, England.

“I suffer from arthritis and I was sitting at the dining table when I suddenly realised that my left knee had locked. Rob, thankfully you were visiting that evening and you offered to give me Reiki. Almost immediately I could feel the warmth from your hand easing the knee joint and very soon after that I was able to stand up and walk without pain. I’m so glad you were there to help with Reiki.”

Bonnie B, Plymouth, USA

“Thank you so much Rob. Amy is surprising everyone right now. …You have been a Godsend. Amy is holding her own . The Doctors are amazed that she is still alive. I on the hand….am not!!”

Arun J S, Kawatra, India

“Hi, Rob…….. Thanks for sending reiki e mails, thanks and kindly continue sending this, this is also helping in my business ”

Natalia S, Cyprus, a fellow Reiki master

“Hi Rob, Thanks for extension of the treatment. I feel a lot more centered than before. I myself practice Reiki. The reason I contacted you was because 1) I felt I needed healing from a totally independent practitioner and 2) I wanted to know what a distance reiki healing feels like….having done so many myself I have suddenly felt the need just to relax and have somebody else do the work…I feel that your work has stimulated some internal psychological changes…”

Nigel W, Reiki Master, Sweden

“I am a Reiki master living in Sweden and have been inspired by your work and website.”

Sai R, London, UK

“Thanks much for helping my friend through your Reiki sessions. Really.. And, I could not stop enrolling myself for your weekly message. It is wonderful. After seeing my friend in critical condition, I am shacky and want to be connected to real world.. I appreciate that you are helping people across world. Great piece of work !!”

Cath M, Johannesburg

“HI there! Thank you so very much for your work on our cats – and for the extra session, too! I really do appreciate it. Max is in exceptionally good spirits this morning – he has been purring and talking non-stop; Mingus has been in the kitchen cupboard looking for catnip and treats, all very jolly, and Chica is passed out, fast asleep! Bunny did not cough last night so she is feeling much better, too. As far as work goes, there has been an interesting turn of events; things are definitely shifting…….. So, I’m really very pleased! It’s all a turn for the better … Thanks so much again, Rob, as I have no doubt your good Reiki energy played a part in this!”

Princess the cat, Johannesburg

“Dearest Rob, Hi there! Thank you so, so much for all you work with dear Princess. She passed away today, at 10.30 GMT and I have no doubt your reiki played a big part in her peaceful transition because she died at home in her garden, surrounded by those she loved, and she was able to exercise her choice to leave her body in her own time. So, there was no trauma and this was a really blessed and fortunate way to go. May we all be blessed with such a good-bye one day. With much gratitude from all of us… Thank you so very much, again, Cath”

Michelle R, British Columbia, Canada

“I also wanted to let you know that during the time that you were sending me reiki I had probably the most peaceful sleep that I’ve had in months! I have also been able to get so many things done in the past few days with little to no pain or discomfort.”

Angela H. England

“Thank you for the reiki I did feel pretty rough most of the day yesterday but during the evening felt much better more positive and more energy. I have slept well so had a good booster.”

Tom L,  Kentucky, USA

“Had my best nights sleep in a week! You rock! ”

Arturs, Manchester England

“Hi Rob Happy Easter! Thank You very much for both of Reiki sessions.  I got a job the same evening after booking a session, and felt very good and happy, I was working the same night and night after in production….. All the best, Arturs”

Cheryl H, England

“Georgie, our gorgeous Guinea-pig was sadly dropped on 14th February 2012, only from a small height but enough to damage her hind legs so they dragged. In a state of shock (both of us) she was taken to the vets who gave her an anti-inflammatory injection & was told to take her back for x-rays after 7-10 days if there was no improvement. I spent hours keeping her clean to prevent infection but things didn’t improve and as time passed there seemed very little hope. I contacted Mr Fellows for Reiki healing and he performed hands on treatment together with distance healing. This was a total success and after 5 weeks Georgie was happy to bounce around the run quite happily, fully recovered. It seems to be that after vets dismissed her as a near fatality this is none short of a miracle! So a great big thanks from myself and Georgie for all your efforts as otherwise, I fear, she would no longer be with us.”

Rob V, California, USA

“Thank you for the extra sessions and I appreciate all that you do!! I have seen and felt great improvement with the people, my dog, and my mother’s home. There are many family, friends, animals, and associates who I want healing for, so you will be seeing a lot of my requests!”

Kim B, British Columbia, Canada

“Dear Rob, Thank you for sending me and Mark Reiki!! I did find that I felt better yesterday and Mark was able to rest comfortably on his bed last night and he was quite quiet on the drive back to hospital.”

Angela H, Preston, England

“My husband left me several weeks ago I was in shock I had no idea it was going to happen he sent me a text whilst I was visiting my daughter. The distance healing helped me during those initial weeks when my whole body was in shock. It helped me through it friends were amazed at how well I looked and how well I coped. I have a long way to go yet but I know the reiki supported me greatly during that difficult time.”

Laura S, Alexandria USA

“Hi Rob. My Mom seems to be less stressed. She has more or less had enough and isn’t going to worry about things she can’t control. It’s a difficult situation but I do believe that the Reiki helped. I appreciate you sending more than I purchased….you are wonderful like that and one of the reasons I keep coming back! Thanks again!”

Cristina C, Brazil

“Hello Master Rob, I’m so good and so happy! I still feel a little pain in the shoulders, but I’m more upbeat. I need more and I will arrange for Reiki sessions. Already confirmed my email address to receive inspiring words. I’m enlightened and I am very grateful for helping me. Namaste Cristina Campos”

Anne M, Oregan, USA .. owner of Sissy the cat

“Sissy feels much better. She has not scratched her ears; she let me clean them this morning. The wax in her ears is usually dry and lumpy. Today it was smooth and heavy, like a block was released. She is enjoying her morning outside in the sunshine right now. Thanks for helping her. She will also love your bonus session. Her sister, Aubrey, will need some sessions next. I will let you know very soon when to help her.”

Jean D, Perton, England

“Thank you so much Rob for the wonderful way you have helped my shoulder. I have never been able to move it so much since I tripped and fell down the stairs. Your sessions of Reiki make me feel so relaxed and just talking to you is a huge help. Thank you”

Laura S, Alexandria, USA

“My husband was involved in a traffic accident that was not his fault (it totalled his truck). The police officer wrote him a ticket indicating he was “Not Paying Full Time Attention,” which wasn’t true. I asked Rob to send distance Reiki to his court date which was July 20. Thanks to Rob sending that Reiki, my husband was found not guilty and didn’t have to pay a court fee or any kind of fine and our auto insurance will not increase! Rob has also sent Reiki on several occasions to us to help with life in general. He is a wonderful, caring person and I will be contacting him again for future Reiki sessions.””

Laura S, Alexandria, USA

“You are awesome! Yes, I have done quite well these past two days. The crowd both days has been much bigger than last year. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you so much for the extra Reiki!”

Laura S, Alexandria, USA

“I spoke to her last night ( mother) and she seems to be less stressed. She has more or less had enough and isn’t going to worry about things she can’t control……It’s a difficult situation but I do believe that the Reiki helped. I appreciate you sending more than I purchased….you are wonderful like that and one of the reasons I keep coming back! Thanks again!”

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