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Animal Reiki

Many types of animals enjoy and can benefit from a Reiki session.

I first got involved with Reiki in 1999 so that I could help Joe, my Springer spaniel dog. Joe had been a typically lively and totally energetic dog who loved going for walks … well more like runs … in the fields and especially enjoyed swimming in the local river or dirty ponds!

That was until arthritis developed in his front paws …and from then on his life changed. He slowed down and it seemed like all of a sudden his body wasn’t able to cope with tearing around a field even though he still wanted to.

After becoming a Reiki practitioner I was able to give Reiki to Joe everyday, either a hands on session when he was with me or by sending him Reiki on the days when he wasn’t.

I now give ‘hands on’ Reiki sessions to all sorts of animals and have sent Reiki to numerous animals all over the world, including dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, owl, sheep and even a pet coati mundi.

Would you like to improve the health and wellbeing of animals?

The good news is that with Animal Reiki, you can …. and there are four ways I can help you achieve this.

Select the option that suits you best

1. Book me for hands on Reiki sessions. This is ideal if you live locally to me in the UK

2. Book some Reiki Distance Healing sessions, no matter where in the world you live

3. Join me on one of my ‘live’ one day Reiki for Dogs Reiki training days in Shropshire, England

4. Enrol on one of my quick and simple Reiki Home Study courses. Suitable for anyone anywhere in the world. Choose from: Reiki for Dogs, Reiki for Cats, Reiki for Horses, Reiki for Dog Groomers or Reiki Animal Healer. I know you will like these courses as they are easy to do, there are no exams and you can start giving Reiki straight away.

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