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You will earn 50% Commission selling these Reiki Home Study Courses AND Reiki Services

Hi, I’m Rob Fellows International Reiki Master Teacher, and I’ve been providing Reiki services since 1999. Thank you for choosing to partner with me in selling my range of top quality Reiki Home Study Courses and Distance Reiki Healing Services.

Together we can bring these great life changing courses and healing services to improve the health and wellbeing for thousands more people and animals around the world.

This page contains all the information you need to successfully promote these courses and services.

What can you promote?

1. ‘How To’ Guides

These FREE informative guides are Front End products. Your customers and clients receive these guides in return for giving their email address. They then receive a series of emails encouraging them to purchase one of the paid for Reiki courses.

You can either promote these Guides initially OR promote the courses instead … OR do both.

‘How to’ Guides For Pets and Animals         

[Use this ‘hoplink’ to promote http://xxx.reikirob.hop.clickbank.net]

  • How to Keep Your Dog Happy
  • How to Keep Your Horse Happy
  • How to Keep Your Cat Happy

‘How to’ Guide For People

  • How to Cope With Stress                                                                                                            [Use this ‘hoplink’ to promote http://xxx.healstress.hop.clickbank.net]

2. Quick and Simple Courses and Manuals

Courses and Manual For Pets and Animals  

[Use this ‘hoplink’ to promote  http://xxx.reikirob.hop.clickbank.net]

  • Reiki for Dogs Home Study Course
  • Reiki for Horses Home Study Course
  • Reiki for Cats Home Study Course
  • Reiki for Dog Groomers Home Study Course
  • Reiki Animal Healer Home Study Course
  • Animal Reiki Manual
  • Reiki for Dogs and Groomers Manual
  • Reiki Level 2

Course For People

  • Reiki for Stress Home Study Course                                                                                              [Use this hoplink to promote http://xxx.healstress.hop.clickbank.net]

Too much stress in our lives can be extremely harmful to us, in fact 99% of all health conditions and illnesses could have stress at their root cause. Now that is a very very scary statistic isn’t it. People already suffering from an existing health condition usefully find that their condition flares up when they are stressed. Controlling and lowering stress is therefore key for everyone’s better health. So you can sell this course to anyone suffering from virtually health condition as well as people who are overwhelmed by stress.

How to get started

I’ve teamed up with ClickBank to handle all the sales of the Home Study Courses and manuals. They are a proven affiliate platform that pay you your commissions twice a month, on time, every time.

If you are new to this and have never heard of “Affiliate marketing” the basic idea is that you promote my courses and services – via your website, social networking, advertising, email, word of mouth and so on – and for every person that purchases from me through your recommendation (and using your link which contains your unique affiliate ID), YOU get 50% of the sale (after ClickBank’s fee).

To start making sales take these 4 simple steps:

  1. First sign up for a FREE account with Clickbank, if you don’t already have one. It’s very easy and will take you about 60 seconds just by CLICKING ON THIS LINK NOW!
  2. You can now create your unique “nickname” ID which tells ClickBank that you introduced the customers to me and they can track and pay you your due commissions
  3.  Now that’s in place you are ready to start! All you have to do is insert your new ClickBank affiliate ‘nickname’ anywhere where you see xxx in the resource tools I’ve provided for you.
  4. You use that special link to send people to Rob Fellows Reiki and if they use it to come to the site and make a purchase you will get 50% commission

Depending on which of my products you are promoting these are the unique ‘hoplinks’ for you to use:

  • All Pets and Animals:     http://xxx.reikirob.hop.clickbank.net
  • Stress Guide or Stress Reiki Home Study Course:  http://xxx.healstress.hop.clickbank.net

You can use all three in your marketing if you wish. Just remember to replace the xxx with your own ClickBank nickname every time you use it to ensure you receive your commissions!

Full details on how to use Hoplinks can be found here


3. Distance Reiki Services

Not everyone wants to learn a new life changing skill but they still want to benefit from Reiki Healing. You will often earn recurring commissions as clients frequently renew their subscriptions.

Three Distance Reiki Services available:

  • Gold Gift Reiki – for people, animals, and any situations such as house move, exams etc.
  • Whole Family Reiki – daily sessions for 5+ family or friends for 28 days each
  • Premier Reiki – individual personal sessions for people or animals at a chosen time

Enrol to sell my Reiki Distance Healing Services by going to this enrolment page and completing the short form. I will then email you a unique URL to use with your marketing.

You will find out much more about the courses, manuals and healing services you will be selling on this site!


Now Start Promoting! 

You can promote any of these guides, manuals, courses and healing services on websites, blogs, Social Media pages, PPC adverts and email etc.

Method 1:  Graphics or Banner Adverts

One of the best ways to promote is with the use of a Graphic, which is often known as a Banner Ad. You simply place the Banner where visitors will see it and they click on it to be diverted to the appropriate sales page where potential customers can sign up for or buy.

On a separate page I have produced a choice of different sized Banners for all of the products and services with full instructions for you to use. Just click here.

Method 2: Reiki Articles

Banner adverts work better if you also include an article about Reiki which not only explains what Reiki is but which especially shows your readers how Reiki can benefit and improve the health and wellbeing of their pets and also for themselves and their family and friends.

I’ve put together an appropriate article with photographs and with full instructions to show you how to embed your affiliate link directing people to the specific sales pages on my website. This will ensure that you receive your commission when readers click on the unique link and enrol on the course because of your referral.

You are welcome to put these articles on your website or include them in your online or offline brochures, magazines or newsletters. In fact anywhere your customers, clients or supporters will see them.

Go here to find the articles

Method 3: Email

Email is one of the most successful ways of keeping in contact with your customer, clients or supporters and is an ideal way to inform them about how beneficial these Reiki courses and manuals are.

You can include your affiliate links in the emails to direct customers to the specific web pages or use links to the Reiki articles I’ve provided you with … see above. 

Method 4: Facebook and Twitter

Make sure you tell your followers about the Reiki courses and direct people either directly to my website pages ( making sure you include your affiliate link) or direct followers to the Reiki articles on your website …. or do both!

Method 5: Facebook advertising

Using Boosted posts or placing paid for advertising on Facebook can be a really powerful method of attracting traffic and sales. Use the Banners I’ve created for you with your unique affiliate link embedded in the advert.

Method 6: Pay for Click Marketing

Google ads can be a good way to bring targeted traffic to your website – but make sure you know exactly what you are doing because you can spend a LOT of money in a VERY short time with few results if you aren’t careful. Start small, test your adverts and grow from there.

Method 7: Testimonials 

You are welcome to use any of the many positive client testimonials found on this site …. however you MUST NOT change them and YOU MUST NOT ever say that Reiki has cured them or cured their health condition. Thank you.

Thank you for being my partner and I’m looking to a long and mutually profitable relationship.